Another Word for the Year - Invitation

It's helpful to start your New Year with intention. That is often done by choosing a focus word. I've been writing about possible words in previous posts like this one

Today, another Facebook friend asked friends to post their 2019 word. I sputtered because I like the words 

Change, Intention, Need vs. Want, Balance, Adventure, Opportunity, Let it Go, Listen, and Follow. 

I was about to respond to her when I thought of another one that has been crossing my mind - INVITATION.

Over the years, when restless, I would go on a search for a new job, another course, a group to join, and so on. I finally realized what I want is an INVITATION to something meaningful. I don't want to go hunting any longer. I want God to present the opportunity to me.

It could be a paid role or volunteer. It could be a one-time event or something adventurous. I'd need to know it is from God and I'd need to use last years word (willing) to take the step. 


Receiving an invitation is honoring because it implies someone has noticed something about me and has thought of me for the event or role.

When I thought about my friend's request for my word today, I wondered if invitation incorporates many of my other words. Let's examine that idea. 

Change - Yes, an invitation would mean change 

Intention - I'd need to be intentional about following through

Need vs. Want - I put these words in to watch my checkbook. I want to live a more minimalist life. The invitation would need to be for pay or affordable and not result in clutter

Balance - the invitation would need to fit my lifestyle 

Adventure - the smallest change would be an adventure 

Opportunity - similar to Invitation 

Let it Go - to take on something new would require letting go of something else, perhaps 

Listen and Follow - this is about listening for God's voice and following his instruction. An Invitation would need to be processed that way. 

I'm going to think about this further. 

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  1. God bless you! I choose also a One Word: Keep and Ponder.