Walking Through Midlife Crisis, Empty-Nest, and Retirement

16 Essential Steps to Help You Walk Through Your Midlife Crisis: A Self-Coaching Tool for Midlife Christian Women (Self-Coaching Tools for Midlife Christian Women) by [Garde, Rose]

In the book pictured above available on Amazon, I end it with suggesting readers take new steps to reinvent themselves and to add meaning to their lives. 
The principle isn't just for those in a midlife-crisis. I've found even nest-emptying moms and semi-retired or retired women need to find new passions and ways to reinvent themselves. 
Let me start with a qualifier from personal experience--EVERYTHING ALWAYS CHANGES

Walk Out New Steps
I point out in the book that we don't SOLVE a midlife crisis. Similarly we don't SOLVE what to do in retirement or after the kids leave home.
Instead we JOURNEY THROUGH our choices and take on each day.  
Understanding that you may never feel you will ARRIVE is important so you don't spin your wheels and fall into disappointment too easily when things don't go as you imagined. 
You will also have setbacks and lulls. Walking through lulls takes grace, patience, and understanding all is well in the Lord. 
Adjust Your Expectations
Go into new activities and events with positivity but with the reality that things will eventually change, a season will eventually end. Not everything will work out as to your expectations.
You may start an exercise program and get injured and need to take time off. You may sign up for a program and meet a great group of women only to see them leave the program one-by-one. You might apply for work and not even get an interview. You might visit a new community centre and become disappointed with what you see. 
You might sign up for a bible class on friendship and eagerly anticipate meeting new friends your age and become shocked that only white-haired women 20 years older than yourself show up.
Chances are, you will try a number of activities in your search for social life, purpose, greater life meaning, and things to keep you busy, and at times, programs will fall short. 
Even things you self-initiate may not work out. I held a conversation group for women at a deli. At first six women showed up. Next only one showed up. The third week, none showed up! I sent a message saying the group was cancelled, but apparently while I didn't show up to the last group, another woman did.  
I don't want this post to get too long. I'll stop here so you can ponder this concept. 
Yes! It is important to take new steps, try new things and venture out of your comfort zone. Yes! Things may not go as you hope. 
No! You won't likely arrive at something long-term like a job you might hold for 20 years. You will likely move around and need to be creative with your plans. 
In the next post, I'll list a few things you might want to try to make your life more full. 

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