Purpose is Found Daily

I just read another woman's post on 'life purpose.' It was a Facebook post and I hesitated whether to "like" it or not.

Many have their own idea of what finding life purpose means. I've traveled that road of discovery over many years now, and I have my own 'take' on it. 

One of my takes is to not get too bogged down on it. Some seem to think we each have one big purpose. That one big purpose is what people are always trying to figure out--what big thing God wants them to do--what big rewarding door he will open. That idea can bog women down for years though, in my opinion. 

Most of us have many little purposes to fulfill. Not all of them will be pleasant either! (When I cleaned my preschooler's pants, I was living my purpose, but it wasn't pleasant!)

Most of us are already fulfilling them. If we abide with God, we know he directs our steps without a doubt. We merely need to stay involved. 

The author of the Facebook post suggested we identify our purpose, write it on a piece of paper, put it on the floor and practice taking steps toward it. 

I'm sure this exercise has some merit. It might be helpful for setting steps toward goals. But as for identifying one big life purpose to walk toward, makes the tiny purposes we fulfill daily seem like they don't count. 


Sometimes we don't feel purposeful because no one has acknowledged our contributions. Sometimes we don't feel we're living our calling because our calling comes so easy to us that it doesn't feel noteworthy. 

Yet the simple little ways we go about life, blessing others, helping others, pleasing God, getting errands done, doing chores, and using our skills, are all part of fulfilling our life purpose. 

If you are hung up on yours, why not start a habit of listing what you accomplished in a day whether in your own home or with or for others. Learn to appreciate the small tasks. 

You may not receive earthly reward or recognition, but you are storing up treasure in Heaven!

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