Thinking You Need to Reinvent Yourself?

I read a comment from a woman in her late 50s where she suggested she needed to reinvent herself.

Yes, reinvention is needed at various points in life. Reinvention isn't a quick and easy process usually, though. First you need to decide what parts of your life need reinvention.

Sometimes reinvention is a goal to women who have recently retired. They've invested in a job for so long they feel lost without one. For them, the first step toward reinvention may mean looking at who they are now--what they are still capable of--what their passions are now as they may have changed over the years--what are their needs--where are there voids?

They will need to answer if reinvention means doing something that earns an income, ministering to others possibly for free, or getting a new job unlike any other they've held.

Reinvention may merely mean they long to have an area of specialty they develop and are sought after for. Maybe they'll write a blog, create a website, hold classes, or take classes and become a self-proclaimed expert.

It's important to know reinvention should not necessarily be a long-term destination. With any void, small steps are needed. Your goal should be to walk through a void not become frantic seeking the answer.

Ask good questions about what reinvention really means to you.

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