Cambridge, ON Group for Women

Star Bakery
17 Queen St E, Cambridge, ON N1H 2A7

Local Group for Christian Women 

Hey women in the Cambridge, Ontario area...I'm gathering emails/names of women who are looking for connection with a purpose--a group that will help you gain life momentum. 

The first group will be in downtown Hespeler at Star Bakery & Deli  (pictured above) Tuesdays, around 1 or 1:30 pm - start date depends on signups. There is street parking and free public lots in the area.

It will be a short 4 week, 4 session group Tuesdays for about 1.5 hr. I'm just now putting together the curriculum. It will be more than getting to know you chit chat, you will leave the group feeling you've worked on your life in some way. 

First Group

I'm calling this first group FIRST GROUP. Why? Because it's a new first for me here in Hespeler (I've done similar groups in Winnipeg in the past). Also, this first group will be a first for you if you join.

FIRST GROUP is for women looking for CONNECTION and ACCOUNTABILITY. 


I'm a certified Christian life coach and group facilitator so my faith is usually combined in my sessions in some small way.  Why faith? Because there is more power in moving forward in life with God beside you. This is a good group for Christian women or those open to the faith.


The good news for you is it is no-charge, and I have no hidden agenda to get you as a client or anything of that nature. I merely want to reach out to others as well as stay involved in the community myself. I'm also a freelance writer and want to break my tendency to isolate. So I won't only lead the group, I'll participate in it for myself. 

You will be expected to purchase a food or beverage item from the bakery from as low as a couple of dollars to more. You can consume what you buy during our meeting (he has muffins, squares, soup and sandwiches) or you can take something home. If I know what you'd like (coffee and muffin?), I can ensure Dan has the item on hand when you arrive as he often has only a changing small supply on display.

You can even order a unique dessert, dinner meal, or bag of buns to take home. I've often ordered certain flavoured cakes or pies and bags of buns to take home for bbq parties from Dan. 

Subject Matter 

My initial thought for this FIRST GROUP is to look at LIFE BALANCE. 

We will look at and discuss the responsibilities God has given you, the situations you are in, your passions, gifts and abilities. We will look at our physical health too. 

We will look at all of this with the goal of checking what's in balance and what is out of balance. We will look at what we are resisting accepting that is causing us discontent. We will consider the idea that where we are is of God's design and if it is not what needs to change. 

You will consider what goals you want to set and over four weeks report back if you've taken any steps. 

What this Group is Not

This group is not for the purpose of business networking. Business networking may occur naturally, but no one is to join if their motive is to promote their business to gain clients.

This group is not for anyone who wants to Christian-bash. 

This group is not for those who want to join in just to do me a favour. 

This group is not to induce pressure to change. In four weeks, it's better to contemplate baby steps than to set high lofty goals in most cases. There will be no pressure to radically change your life. 

Proposed Benefits 

We all crave connection. This is one place you may find that. 

We all do better with accountability. You may find it helpful.

You may feel more supported. 

You may gain more clarity about your life.

You may have the chance to encourage or help another person.

The Target Audience

This FIRST GROUP will be non-age specific. It is open to at-home moms, working women, midlife women, those with a disability, seniors, etc. 

My hope is with this open range, I can see needs of various women and perhaps tailor other specific groups in the future. 

My plan is to offer further groups on various topics, some including art journalling, vision boards, and so on. 

There will be a group size restriction. To apply to be part of the group, please email me and tell me why you want to join this FIRST GROUP. 

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