Re-frame Negative Situations

At times, we give professionals a lot of say in our life. But someone we see for a 15 min or hour appointment once in a while can hardly diagnose us fairly. 

As I've dealt with a medical issue recently, I have consulted with a variety of professionals. The charm in doing this--building a team of sorts--has been that I have been able to weigh all the input, find common insight, apply what I know to be going on in my life and body, and choose the answers I agree with. I can also choose to dismiss advice if I want because, hey, it's my life, my dollar, my time, my body. 

As a Christian, I know God has authority over any illness. Praying for his divine healing and guidance has been key. Praying for discernment to know who and what to listen to has also been key. 

Recently, I visited my doctor for a follow-up appointment. It's funny how little we can feel sitting with a person who wields power over our health. She made some statements I disagreed with. I left annoyed. 

I could choose to sit miserably at home thinking about what took place, but instead I decided to apply a self-coaching tool. I call it RE-FRAMING or RE-WRITING THE STORY. 

I got out a notepad and rewrote the story in words I thought she could have used--more encouraging, affirming, comforting, and assuring words. 

This is a bit of cognitive behaviour therapy coming into play. 

Some doctors like to say, "It's this or that" when diagnosing. When you know it could be something else. Only you can choose what you will believe. Only you know what the experience has really been like.

Some doctors will say, "You have to learn to live with it." But you know, "God is a healer, I know I'm getting better, the doctor has no clue about my experience, I'm going to hold on to faith." 

Once I rewrote the story on my terms, I felt better. Her hold over me was loosened. My mind was at ease. My trust in God was restored. 

Next time you have a negative experience, try this re-framing, re-writing process for yourself. 

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