Midlife Crisis Feelings?

I noticed from my blog stats that the highest stats are the posts about Christian women having a midlife crisis. That is concerning, but nothing I haven't discovered before. Many women fall into a place where they feel stuck, lost, bored and wonder if they're having a midlife crisis. 

The definition of midlife crisis varies for many. Especially since this is Valentine's Day at writing, they may be romanticizing. Maybe they are let down or bored with their spouse. Maybe they are recalling better days. Maybe they are fantasizing about what could be with another man. 

Let me say this, unless there are significant issues with your husband, another man is unlikely to cure your issues. First, you may never find that dream man and second, he may come with a lot of baggage. If you have a committed husband, why not spend time looking at his good qualities. Be a fun person to be around. Invest in what you do have because in there is a wealth of treasure. He knows you better than anyone else, and we all need someone like that in our life. 

I don't want to imply midlife crisis is about wanting an affair, though. A midlife crisis feeling may have nothing to do with that. 


Feeling in crisis is complex. For many women, feelings of unrest revolve around having accomplished significant goals like a career, home ownership, having children, and so on. They may feel unable to set new goals. They don't have any new dreams surfacing. 

If you're feeling like that, don't worry. This too will eventually pass if you take the right steps. 

Don't Base Life on the Weather

The stats I looked at were from January and February. Those are typically dull months weather wise. It is never a good idea to make decisions for life based on how you're feeling during down times. Feelings aren't facts. 

Some women suffer from depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Sometimes there really are biochemical issues going on that a professional can address. If you feel you are anxious or depressed, talk to a doctor about it. 

Choose Your Feelings 

Often, we can dictate how we're going to feel in a day. 

You can awaken and look at all that's wrong with your life and certainly fall into crisis. If you do that, stop. If you're a child of God who has asked for his direction, complaining and feeling inadequate is more about your doubt of God's hand in your life than it is about changes you need to make. 

Satan also likes to feed us lies and will do so at every opportunity that is open. Close that door. 

Instead of looking at what's missing in your midlife, accept your status as a precious gift from God. Accept the idea you are where you are for his purposes--even if you don't feel a sense of purpose today. Surrender your feelings into God's hands. Ask Jesus to keep you from the temptation to make wrong choices.  

Give thanks to God for all you have and for your relationships. Ask God to take authority over your day and to instruct you minute-by-minute. 

I have an eBook available to help you walk through those crisis-like feelings. You may want to have a look at it. Otherwise, click the archives for more on this topic. 

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