Health Issues and Trust in God

Time to report in. My health is improving. I have a few more answers. I'm giving myself permission to relax and not do all my mind thinks I should be doing. 

Miraculously, some of my inventory of articles have been selling. It's so great to still have sales even when not working. 

The path I've been on I don't wish on anyone. I'm sure there are many of you who have traveled difficult health journeys too. In my journey, I've learned we can't count on the medical community. 

Soon I may write on who I approached for help over the last three months and the results--like when I was taken to the hospital on the insistence of paramedics, promised I would be looked over, and then put in the waiting room for 3 hours while they attended to "more important" cases before leaving on my own without being tested or treated because they had down-graded the importance of my issues. 

On the outside I looked fine. On the inside I had raging ear ringing and a headache so bad it made me have a panic attack. This had been going on for 2 months but by then I had the worst prickly heat attack of all. Up to then I'd had little sleep. I'd seen doctors and the hearing center and gotten no where. On that day, I wanted blood tests and an anti-anxiety sedative and to a mental health professional who could assure me I wasn't losing my mind. I'm sure my case could have been treated within 30 min. But I was put in a corner instead to suffer on my own!  

The Bible tells us this 

New International Version
"It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in humans" Psalm 118:8.

That has proven to be the case for me, unfortunately. I have consulted God to reveal the steps I should take, and exactly what to say to the next doctor so I would be HEARD! 

I asked God what food to eat, supplements to take or not take, and what other professionals to consult. 

I know with one word God can heal. I trust in that. In the meantime, it's been a crazy journey. 

One step I took was to hire a counsellor. She is the common thread who I can share my frustration and plan my next steps with. She is costly and my health plan doesn't cover her services. Sometimes we just have to look the other way where costs are concerned and trust God to provide the money. It's important we have someone on our side in such a journey. 

Here are some questions for you:

  • Do you turn your health issues over to God?
  • Have you felt rebuffed by the medical community?
  • Have you thought of calling on others to pray for you to have the wisdom of the right words and right steps?
  • Are you able to give yourself permission to take time off?
  • Can you lay down old habits while you heal?
  • Can you resist doubting God is your healer and has your back?
  • Are you prepared to listen for God's instructions and take the steps he outlines?
  • Do you need to hire a counsellor or coach to help you walk through whatever you're facing?

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