The closer to reaching menopause I got, the hotter I was. Hot sweats were bad. and night sweats woke me up around the clock. I was so hot, while sitting on the doctor's examining table, sweat was literally dripping off me onto the paper gown. When done with the exam, the paper sheet on the examining bed was stuck to my behind.  

I'd been taught about thread count in sheets. Apparently the higher, the softer and more luxurious. Well, a couple of years ago I found sheets with an over 1,000 thread count, can you believe that number? Prior to that, I'd purchased Egyptian cotton sheets which are the softest possible. 

When staging my last home to sell, I purchased inexpensive low thread count cotton sheets just to make the bed look nice when folding down the top of the comforter. These sheets are the type that wrinkle in the wash. I got them at a grocery store of all places.

Well, as night sweats became more and more of an issue, staying comfortable while sleeping became a problem. Guess what I discovered? The high thread count sheets were the hottest to sleep in. I could hardly stand them. 

The Egyptian cotton weren't much better.  So I began using the sheets I'd purchased for staging. Guess what? These cheap cotton sheets were the coolest! They stayed crisp! They became my favourite sheet for midlife. 

Recently, I was shopping at Walmart with my son picking up a few things for his student apartment. We noticed what was called "cool" sheets. They provide 
"absorbent fabric that wicks water molecules away from the body allowing for cool comfort and better sleep"

We bought a set for my son, and he loves them. Next is to pick up a set for myself. My night sweats aren't as bad as they once were, but I think I'd still like these. 

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