What I've Been Up To

Artwork for my upcoming eBook for Midlife Christian Women

Where have I been since April? I notice my last post was April. That's unusual for me.

With nice weather, I'm working on my extensive yet beautiful property--pulling weeds, mulching, and planting pretty, colourful flowers.

I've also been busy with family responsibilities with two adult children partly home, partly gone, both needing a bit of moving help, rides, and so on. I've also been pitching in to help a sibling who is moving.

My Writing Project 

Most of my indoor time has seen me working hard at writing my soon to be released self-coaching non-fiction eBook for Christian Midlife Women. This book has taken me seemingly forever to write, but I think I'm nearing the end.

I knew I was to investigate the topic after God spoke it to me one day during an emotional meltdown while tending my garden. He said, "Bloom where you're planted."

I'd heard the phrase many times before but it wasn't until pounding the keys writing on the topic that I actually finally understood what God was telling me. The book went from what I thought I should say about the topic to finally getting  the real point.

I only want to release self-coaching eBooks for Christian women if there are practical truths in them. The points have to help me before I can believe they'll help you.  I'm happy to say, re-reading the book as I edit it, the points have hit home in a way that has helped me re-frame my life yet again.

Outside Voices 

Have you been asked to sell jewelry, or diet products? Have you been told there are supplements you really must take?  Have you heard the phrase "you should" do this or that? Or, "Why don't you...?"

People are quick to tell us what they think we should be doing. But they aren't in our brain.

God can reveal directly to you what it is he wants you to do. You will have a sense about it.  While something feels highly rewarding to one woman (jewelry selling), it may not inspire you at all.

It may take a bit of a journey to find the peace you crave about your life path, You may kick and scream now and then when things aren't happening the way you imagine they could. But with God in control, you'll get there.

My Advice 

My advice to you as a life coach and midlife woman myself is this:

Don't believe any book or friend that tells you if you just do this or that, that you will be okay, happy, and so on. Don't let any friend or relative intimidate you into believing you should be doing something they suggest.

God's message is unique to individuals. It's sometimes complicated. God often requires we go on a journey to really understand what it is he wants us to do with our life in this midlife nest-emptying phase. Be open to the journey. Ask questions. Listen for answers. Trust God is leading you.

Roadmap for Midlife 

Don't miss getting on the path. On the right are three eBooks I've written that ask probing questions designed to help you re-frame your life. Soon, my new eBook will be available.  It is called, Help Me, Lord, I'm Wilting, Rx for the Midlife Christian Woman. I hope you'll support my ministry with a purchase. 

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