Your Input Wanted

Input Wanted from Christian Midlife Women

I'm looking for input from midlife Christian women. Does that interest you?

As I coach new women and write new eBooks, I'd like to have more input as to what other women in their midlife season have tried, are trying, and hope to try.  I'd like to know what challenges you faced, what didn't work out for you, and what has worked out.

I'd like to know how you include God in your decisions.  I'd like to know where you feel he's led you and how you went about discovering that.  

I'd like to know how you balance your own wants and ideas with what God ultimately does.  That is, when he doesn't open doors you hoped would open, what is your recourse? 

Tell me what you really wish would happen in your life.  Tell me who helped offer you direction.  Tell me your needs. What are you current struggles?

When or if you decided to participate, you can email me your story here.  

In return, you will receive an opportunity for two free life coaching responses by email. This is not a paying opportunity for either of us. 

On my end, I would like permission to use bits of your story as examples in upcoming books, but will mask them by changing your name and some of the details.   You are welcome to send your email anonymously. Your input may or may not be used.  Surely, your input will help me become a better life coach to midlife women.  

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance.

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