Coping with Challenges of Midlife for Christian Midlife Women

What's been hard for you?  Reaching 40? Reaching 50? Empty Nest? Trying to relaunch from being a stay-at-home mom? Looking for significance for yourself beyond your job or role as parent? Dealing with feelings of a midlife crisis? Perimenopause? Menopause? Moods? Worry? Stress? Regret? Trying to find life balance? Trying to fill life's gaps? Hearing from God?

I've said to my husband as recent as this week, "This stage of life is so hard."  I'm in the nest-emptying season which includes adult children coming and going as one is finishing university and the other has just changed jobs and is home before she moves yet again.

As a menopausal woman, facing so many challenges all at once has been like riding an emotional roller coaster that's lasted a few years.  Just when I think the ride is over, it starts up again with a new challenge.

We all Need Support 

I have the most supportive husband in the world.  It's taken time for him to learn how to deal with my outbursts and moodiness, but I think he's finally gotten where I need him to be. (smile) He is my soft place to fall.  He is the place I can vent and know he won't desert me or become angered. He takes on the role of supportive listener. He steps up to the plate. We navigate all of life's changes together.

Do you have someone like that?

If you're a husband of a midlife woman having a midlife crisis, going through midlife moods or the empty nest, are you handling things well? Are you able to put aside your own feelings so she can vent to you?


Here is a list of a few areas any midlife woman can work on in this phase of transition:

  • cultivate your spiritual life--invest in a new Christian book, read a new version of the Bible, as you read, make notes. Take time to listen for God.
  • take vitamins and minerals. There are health coaches available and many online articles and Facebook groups where you can find answers to many health-related questions.
  • exercise. It doesn't need to be major workouts if that doesn't fit you.  Walks, lifting dumbbells, stretching, or doing push-ups now and then, holding in your tummy, kegels, etc. on an ongoing basis can be very helpful.
  • support groups. Form a support group in your home or through your church, or even online. Get together with old friends.
  • cultivate your interests. Whether your passion is creating art, crocheting, cooking, or gardening, invest time in it.
  • be available. Be open for God's assignments to help people--family members, children, others in your community.
  • stay positive. Trusting in God and staying positive will help you immensely. When moods or challenges arise, tell God you need him to step in and handle things.  Then relax.
  • get adequate sleep. If you are having trouble in this area, look for resources and try a few variations to your schedule. 
I could go on and on, but it's time for bed. Let me know in the comments area your suggestions, or email me.

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