Allow Prep Time for Your New Year Goals

Many midlife women set new goals each New Year and so we should. We all have something to offer others and in our small way change the world and it takes many steps to do that.

I have a list of big goals for the year, and multiple mini-goals. I also created a schedule to help me to be more disciplined.  But already on day one of re-entry, I'm off schedule.  

Forgive Yourself - Proceed with Grace

A spiritual truth I gained just last night and wrote in my journal was to forgive myself and to offer myself more grace.  Little did I know how quickly I'd need to enact that advice.  Yes, I'm off my schedule. But there will be no giving into self-flagellating thoughts. 

Have a Prep Stage

In a hormone reset detox I participated in twice last year, I learned the concept of having a prep stage. In that prep stage, I prepared my house by removing foods that weren't allowed in the detox, lest they tempt me.  I purchased foods and supplements I'd require.  I also prepared my schedule and my mind. 

I think the same principle can be applied for accomplishing our New Year resolutions or for re-entering life after a long holiday. We need a prep stage.

So instead of feeling like I've failed, I'm going to prep.  

I don't want to get caught up in postponing working on my goals, though.  You know the danger of thinking, "I'll get back on them when..."

So I will work on my goals in smaller doses during this prep stage. Sometimes starting slower allows for better momentum later. 

My Prep

I already prepped my wardrobe with some pre-Christmas shopping.  

Now, I want to prep my environment.  That included getting my adult children back to their apartments after the holidays and tidying up clutter they may have left behind. 

I want to clear the Christmas wrapping paper pile still in my dining room and remove decorations. Following that, I want to tidy both my office and my art room. I'll focus better with organized spaces.

I'm prepping my body.  I just did a manicure and am having a massage to help work out sore muscles that hamper my writing work.  

I'm prepping my mind.  I watched Diane Cunningham's latest NACWE video on mindset. I'm reading and journalling to get my mindset straight. 

Some of My Audacious Goals

Prepping has also meant identifying a few numbers

I said I want to pay off our 2nd car.  That means I'll have to look up how much is still owed and create a plan.  

I want to sell more ebooks, so I have calculated a number of how many books I'll need in the marketplace to do that. 

I want to lose more weight that I gained through the menopause transition period and I want to regain my ability to run. I'm prepping for my next detox. I've put exercise into my schedule. 

I want to make 2 more friends. I need to research new things to get involved in where that might happen. 

I want to sell paintings--either prints or originals. 

I want to be involved in something outside of my house and home office. I'm asking God to reveal it.

I want to have 3 beach getaways or other holidays, so that will require research. 

Whew!  And those are just the big goals.  Within each big goal are smaller goals.  This is why focus is so important.  

What are your big goals?  Are you willing to share them?

As with all goals, I can plan, but God's plan will supersede mine.  If I don't accomplish these goals, it will be okay.  If God changes them, that's okay. 

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