New Year's Goal-Making Tips for the Midlife Christian Woman

With the turn of the calendar, most of us set some new goals. Sometimes they are in the form of vague wishes and other times they are written down with steps to take. I'm working on my own set of goals here in my Canadian office. I'd love to share them with you over several blog posts in the future.

If you're a Christian midlife woman who has already read my ebooks (pictured for sale off to the side), you will have learned a few principles I believe in. These principles can be part of our daily life goals. They address the physical, spiritual, and emotional parts of our makeup that need addressing. 

The first ebook outlines 16 steps for walking through midlife crisis challenges.  The checklist book is just that, a series of checklists which can be used on their own to help you assess where you are. There are explanations with every chapter to challenge you. The third ebook helps you outline your top five essential passions so that once you know them, you will have an outline of what to include weekly.

Here is the list of steps from book one:

Essential Step #1: God is the Only Expert, Cultivate Soul-Nurturing Habits
Essential Step #2: Invite God into Every Part of Your Life
Essential Step #3: Ask God What He Wants.
Essential Step #4: Manage the Physical Challenges
Essential Step #5: Manage the Emotional and Mental Challenges
Essential Step #6: Permit Yourself to Grieve
Essential Step #7: Learn the Secret of Being Content
Essential Step #8: Live in the Present, and Enjoy it
Essential Step #9: Let God Stir Your Seeds
Essential Step #10: Resist Becoming Jaded or Cynical
Essential Step #11: Adjust Expectations
Essential Step #12: Cast Off Your Superwoman Cape
Essential Step #13: Beware of Tempting Shadows
Essential Step #14: Prepare to Evolve
Essential Step #15: Prepare to Paint a New Canvass
Essential Step #16: Reinvent Yourself

A good New Year's exercise is to look at each of these steps and to decide what you need to do to move forward in 2016. 

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