Design Your Midlife Transition Roadmap

I have begun a new concept which has its home at

Here's a snip of the front page:

This is a platform where midlife women can take themselves on a self-coaching journey.  Here's a bit more about it:

Design Your MTR asks, how would your life feel if you had support, direction, and sense of community in midlife?

As a Christian midlife woman, you have your own set of special needs.  What's standing in the way of you gaining peace and moving forward may not be anything you're doing wrong, but your need to make sense of your life and to create a plan that works for you.

At  Design Your MTR, the goal is to help you learn about midlife issues and recognize yourself in examples.  The modules are designed to help you answer important questions that will help serve you better.  My goal is that you will develop greater confidence and trust in God as you develop a plan for moving forward in this life phase. 

Who can benefit from this process?

The tools are geared for:

Midlife women who have chosen to include Jesus, God, and the Holy Bible in their lives.

Midlife women who are in a midlife crisis.  

Midlife women who aren't in a crisis but who want to hone their life direction.  

Midlife mothers, empty nesters, wives, homemakers, and career women.  

Single midlifers are welcome to participate, but material won't be specifically geared to them. There are references to spouses and parenting included in the material.


I've just added a new Module in the tool section, which can also be access here

Hope you'll drop by. 

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