Yet Another Midlife Phase to Walk Through!

Just when I think I have this midlife, half-time empty nest, moodiness thing worked out I realize there's more.

My daughter just finished university.  That's a landmark in itself.  But she only moved home for 2 weeks.  She took a job out of town.  She doesn't drive and any visits home will be by bus or us going to get her.  It's near cottage country, so I can imagine how driving will be trying to go up and return her weekends.

She has also talked "marriage" to her university sweetheart. She announced her engagement just as we were moving her out of her dorm.  A week later I drove her to the location of her new job to check things out.  A week after that we moved her into her apartment and she started her new job this week.

It was an exhausting and emotional 2 weeks.  I told her first there is the end of her schooling for us to come to terms with.  Then her moving out of town. Then she drops the engagement bomb! I told her it is too much for this menopausal woman to deal with at once!

What I'm still trying to come to terms with is how I no longer have "control" over my daughter's choices or agenda.  I urged her not to rush into marriage, because it is a long time to be with one person!  Even so, visions of bridal gowns dance in her head.  She may plan her wedding without me! Isn't the mother of the bride supposed to have a say?

We have these precious babies, love them to pieces, raise them in the church as best as we can, spoil them with gifts and pretty things. Give them dance lessons or whatever their interest.  Send them off to school, and then they grow up and do their own thing!  Hard processing.

I guess it is time for this midlife woman to walk through yet another phase. I pray God will take over.  I release her to him.  He knows better than I do the plans he has for her.  I pray she will draw close to him and hear his guiding voice.  I pray I will received the peace I need at all the right times.

How about you?  Have you walked through this phase?

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