New eBook for Midlife Christian Women

Introducing my new eBook.  What started out as a short workbook, led to months of editing.  And, it's finally up on Amazon.  

This book will take you through a number of exercises that will help you narrow down your top five essential passions and help you find life direction. 

I'm not you, you're not me, so I have no idea if you'll connect with what I've written.  All I know is I sought new direction for years and became very disappointed when I couldn't seem to find what it is God wanted me to spend my time on that would be as meaningful as my role of raising my children.  Then I had an epiphany.  Through a passion and purpose hunt, I narrowed down my top five passions and dedicated myself to developing them.

Now, you may think you know your top five passions.  Maybe you do.  I pretty much knew mine, but in the end after going through the template I created, saw a switch. Actually, I had about 20 passions at the time, and the problem was I kept flip flopping on what to work on.  I'd look into courses for this, that, and the other thing.  I applied for all types of jobs.  I thought of joining all types of groups. I discovered, too many passions kept me from feeling focused.

I recall a time years ago when I had no new dreams.  That scared me.  I think I was about 48.  I was leading a group of women, encouraging them to capture their dreams, but I had none!  I also recall battling between my moods in a flip flopping role of part-time empty nest mom.  I needed to find my own grounding. 

If you're looking for some new guidance about what to spend your time on next in midlife, this book may help you.  Only currently available in Kindle format on Amazon but can be read on any electronic device such as your computer, laptop, iPad, phone, etc. 

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