God's Revealing Ways for Midlife Women

I wrote this 4 years ago, about something that happened 10 years ago.  I thought I would repost it here:

Praying and Paying Attention

I'm seeing more clearly how God moves in the things we take for granted.  I recall that one day he had me pick up a book from the grocery store shelf.    The title caught my eye - Pathway to Purpose for Women.

God had already made me aware of a number of women in my church ladies group that seemed to be searching for purpose and meaning.  Some had raised their families and didn't know what to do with themselves or their time.  It became clear there is a gap for women.  

When I see a gap, like a superhero, I want to jump in with answers.  I want to bring joy back to people, but I also don't want to be what I see.  I want to find the answers AHEAD OF TIME for me too.

I was asked to lead a book group that spring, and I said I would like to lead that book.  I saw on a chatline that the author would be chatting about the book and I decided I needed to be there.

I was astonished when the author told me about her Life Coaching program, and called me personally later that day from California to pray with me!

A BIG reason I was astonished was that in the two years prior to obtaining this book I'd been captivated by a tv show that introduced me to the concept of Life Coaching.  I thought, "I'd like to do something like that, but not this new age stuff." 

I about flipped when I learned Katie Brazelton offered a course based on Christian principles.  My husband knows just how excited I was prancing around the house saying, "I don't believe it!"

I KNEW I was to take the course and I did.  God took a long time to reveal it, but eventually he did.

The way has been a little muddy since then.  I can't say I've seen God's hand as clear since (except for the big move I just made and a few other incidentals).

God's Revealing Ways 

So I'm remembering that God often reveals things throughout our normal routine like the day I picked up the book. I wasn't searching for it.  I will say that I WAS praying under my breath for new purpose.

He sometimes impresses us with an idea ahead of time, and brings the rest of the pieces later. Sometimes he leads us to something that the connection is so obvious we can't overlook it. 

I don't know about you, but I don't want to miss other great opportunities God has in store.  I am merely his servant and am available.

I am living intentionally, praying and then connecting what happens next to my prayers.  I'm trying to live content when it seems nothing big is happening. 

If God is laying something on your heart, share it with me or whoever it is God wants to share it with.  Don't hesitate. When God speaks to you and you speak to me or another, his work moves forward.

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