Had a Rough Week

This week I fell into a pit that seemed to have a physical connection.  I've had a leg injury ALL SUMMER which has been frustrating and painful, and some self-pity crept in along with a headache.  With summer boredom seeping in, since I couldn't do all the things I usually love to do in the summer, I found myself questioning my life path.

I don't know about you, but this type of low seems to occur all too frequently.

When in a pit, I would often take the dog for a walk.  The endorphins usually bring some relief.  But of course, with a leg injury, I can't do those types of walks.  Still, I look to God to lift me up however possible.

Sometimes, though, no matter how much I try to find the perfect meditation, my brain hurts too much to absorb it. I like it much better when God puts something in my path that really speaks to me.

Last night, since I'd just been to the doctor (for my leg) and got the results of my blood test, I decided to look up old blood test results.  Problem was, I couldn't find the "doctor" folder, so I pulled out my "personal" folder instead.  It was there I came across a collage I'd made last winter.  I have no idea why I'd put it into this folder, but I guess God had it planned to have it pop out just when I would need it.

The collage came about when I decided to declutter my art area.  I decided to get rid of a collection of Joyce Meyers magazines.  But she has so much good information in them, I still wanted to capture some of it.  So I'd cut out good quotes and Bible verses, and glued them onto 8" x 11" card stock.  Then I tossed out the rest of the magazine pieces.

Reading this Joyce Meyers collage of quotes lifted me up. Thank God for that woman! And thank God I made this collage last winter so I could benefit from it now.  Let me share a few of the quotes with you here:

Real joy and contentment come from knowing 
you are in the place God created you to be and you are doing the work you were put on earth to do.  

If you are carrying the weight of the world, I want to remind you, 
God never asked you to. 

When it comes to the responsibilities and the life God has called you to, 
there's an anointing permanently within you, which means 
the Holy Spirit will lead you and guide you.  
It's your blood-bought, God-given right to follow the 
leadership of the Holy Spirit.

A patient person takes charge of his own mind by refusing to worry or trying to figure things out.  He doesn't get into reasoning.  His mind can be at peace.  On the other hand, someone who isn't patient doesn't have charge over their own mind.  Their mind is full of worry, reasoning, doubt and unbelief.  This makes their life an unpleasant experience. 

Life is not so fun when we have unrealistic 
expectations--for ourselves or other people. 

There are more but I'll leave it at this.  I hope something here encouraged you today.

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