More Help For Your Midlife Crisis

I don't want to spam my readers with ads about my 16 Essential Steps You Walk Through Your Midlife Crisis but I do want to ensure they know about it so that it gets into the hands of the women it's meant to get to.

I wrote this book on midlife crisis in Christian women because so many women were coming to my site looking for answers for midlife crisis type feelings.  I don't know if all women go through a period of midlife crisis, but I know many do.  For some it is waves of emotions.  The emotions sometimes become so frequent, a woman wonders if what she feels is normal or if what she feels will be permanent.

There are many factors at play in midlife that can trigger crisis feelings.  In order to discuss as many factors at once, I've put it all in the eBook.

Self-coaching is a great way to find help without paying for telephone or in-person coaching.

I haven't created the option to buy a hard copy of this book on midlife crisis in Christian women, but if there is enough interest, I will.  I hope women will be able to download the eBook and perhaps print it out and work on it as a self-coaching tool.  It can be read on any computer screen or Kindle. Let me know your thoughts.

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