Don't Throw Out the Good

Before you leave your marriage, pack up and move to another country, take up with a new man, or make other radical moves, STOP.

Midlife can bring on the most troubling emotions.  It's worthwhile to sort through them and find the truth. It can be hard to know which voices are the ones you should be listening to.

If you're a Christian woman, you already know the truth-bringer is God.  There is no marriage too far gone for him.  There is no trouble that can't be worked through.  There is no temptation he won't help you fight.  Call on him, read his word, and listen for his guidance.

Too many families are being destroyed by faulty choices.  Women are leaving marriages, women are driving their husband and children away, blaming them for things they aren't guilty of.  

There are a few things a midlife woman needs to look at seriously:

What physical changes are affecting her current mood?
How is her mood affecting her relationships?
What thoughts is she believing that are lies from Satan?
What support network does she have?

If you're struggling in midlife, find a trusted friend, life coach, or counsellor to help you through your tough spot!

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