Beware of Perimenopause and its Effects

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The phase just before menopause is referred to as perimenopause. Just as puberty brings an onset of changes to a woman's body over a period of three to five years, peri-menopause brings on changes too. You might say it is a reversed puberty.  It can last anywhere from ten to fifteen years.  Some women experience many symptoms.  Others few. 

The peri-menopause symptoms can affect a woman anytime between age 35 and 55. The average age for menopause is reported to be 51, but recently I saw it reported as 54.  For many it is earlier or can even be later.

Menopause is considered reached after one full year of no periods.


The symptoms of perimenopause may be sporadic and may include night sweats and/or hot flashes, crashing fatigue, irritability, moods swings, crying spells, depression, weight gain, headaches, brain fog and trouble with memory or concentration.

It's easy to see that any woman dealing with symptoms of this nature over a period of years may feel frustrated. Symptoms like these can put  a dent into a woman's quality of life.

If you aren't quite feeling like "yourself" lately, if you are having emotional, spiritual, mental as well as physical challenges, the root cause might be related to your hormones not necessarily your circumstances. That is, what you're feeling may NOT be caused by your husband, job, kids or church, though they may bear the brunt of how you're feeling or make things more problematic.

When feeling out of sorts, be aware that your hormones may be the culprit.  Don't make radical changes without taking this point into consideration.


Perimenopause is simply another stage to walk through. As with any challenge, be your own advocate.  Talk to other women and find out what has helped them. Talk to professionals.  Get rest and exercise. Sleep with a few ice packs under your pillow, if necessary, to gain relief from night sweats.  

Ask for hormone therapy when you can no longer stand it or when you can't sleep at least 4 hours straight in your 8 hour sleep cycle. Either talk to a naturopath or your physician. 

Take action and find out the right combination of supplements and activities that are right for you.  

Tend Your Soul 

Walk through your challenges with the all-knowing source--God.  No one is going to give you the perfect solution for your perimenopausal symptoms.  Ask God what route to take.    In the meantime, nourish your soul. Take time to be still, relax, and meditate on God's word and Christian principles.  

Buy a new book that will keep you motivated.  Join a group at church so you have people to interact with on a spiritual level.  

Don't be shocked by what you feel is going on in your body, mind, or spirit during perimenopause.  Many others are walking through the phase too. 

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  1. Are the perimenopausal symptoms of the emotional irritability, anger, impatient and hypersensitivity be influenced by Demons?? Some women don't experience any symptoms.

  2. Thanks for your question. First. No, not all women experience symptoms in perimenopause. We should not underestimate, however, the role changing hormones play in so many areas of health and wellbeing. My point is that some women blame the wrong things for how they are feeling. Perimenopause symptoms are something to understand and walk through. For myself, there's no mistake my hormonal cycle was involved. It would all be proven on a calendar.

    Yes, the enemy Satan will try to attack us when we are most vulnerable. He will try to make us believe lies and he will try to use the situation to ruin our relationships. We should always be on guard. Christ followers will have the advantage of being guided and protected by the Saviour.

    Irritability, anger, etc. can also be connected to many other things that aren't demon related. We are human. Ill health, lack of sleep, worn adrenal glands and the like can cause a person to be more impatient, etc.

    I hope that answers your question. I don't believe in blaming everything on demons. I believe God gives us wisdom and tools to help us deal with what we experience as human beings. Conception and birth are the result of our hormones producing an egg and when it's time to give birth our hormones cause it to happen. There are no demons involved in those activities. Let's not underestimate the power of our hormones.