Don't Get Stuck in a Rut

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The more activities I take part in, the more I learn about how women process life. Many women are prone to melancholy, and some to depression. Many women are prone to feeling they're in a rut.

Women who are moms often grieve over the many challenges that come with their children's life phases. I can't speak for single women or women without children because I'm not in their shoes.  But I know, even they feel the need to reinvent themselves.

How can you fight ruts?    

If you feel like you're on a slippery slope heading for melancholy, depression, or a rut, take action.  One woman recently mentioned she was removing things from her home that tended to trigger sad feelings.

This happens often with possessions.  Items near and dear can pull us in, back into our past.  Maybe it's time to part with a wedding gown from a first marriage, a diary from your youth, fat pictures, something your mother or motherinlaw guilted you into having in your home.

Tackle your rut by picturing the type of life you might enjoy.  Don't walk around the house saying, "I'm so lonely" or "I'm just this or that."

Especially check the truth of your thoughts.  Don't give into the devil's whispers when he taunts you to with lies.

Choose to pick yourself up.  Read positive-thinking books.  If you're depressed, tell your doctor. Quit blaming your ill health on a lack of money.  Be a steward of your health.  Save up, get a medical plan, invest in yourself.

If you need help, hire a counselor or coach. Again, invest in yourself.  I myself have used counselors and coaches.  My family medical plan covered the counselor but I've paid for my coaches.  While the cost seemed like a lot at first, God has replaced the money and the benefits have stayed with me for years.

Get out of your rut by trying something new.  My husband bought me snow shoes for Christmas.  I have a large property.  When I don't feel like driving to my gym, unless it's minus 25 C or colder, I strap on my snow shoes and do several rounds around my yard.  Doing so is good for my health, gets me out of the house, makes me feel like I'm doing something unique.  It gives me something to talk about.

Take a step today to get out of your rut or to ensure you don't get stuck in one!

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