Midlife Christian Woman Part II

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The foremost sense of love a midlife woman wants to feel is love for herself. A woman may lash out and be critical to those around her merely because she doesn't like herself.  

Women are VERY concerned about their appearance. It's part of who they are. And it is hard when nature is creating havoc. It's easy for a woman in mid-life to look in the mirror and not recognize her reflection and not like what she sees. Unfortunately, returning to her former version of herself is unrealistic.  Making an effort to improve on what she's got isn't unrealistic though.

If you are a friend or spouse of a midlife woman, remind her of what you like about her.  Help her feel attractive.

Tip:  If you're a midlife woman, move yourself up on the priority list.  Invest in a gym membership and use it.  Invest in a new haircut and maintain it.  Become more active.  Eat properly. 

I highly recommend hiring a diet coach, personal trainer or the like.

When choosing your priorities for the day make your gym workout or walk time a must do.  Put it ahead of housework.  

Print off some Bible verses to have your mirror or scale.  Pray before stepping on the scale.  Ask God to help you look after his "temple".

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