Is Your World Being Shaken?

Lilacs I arranged for my daughter's wedding May 27, 2018

All through life we are in "God's school." If I asked you to colour in a section of a pie chart the percentage of knowledge you have about life, chances are you would only colour in a small section. 

None of us, no matter what our educational degree, knows it all. Knowing God and knowing about God are two different things. Knowing God is also different from understanding all he wants us to know. We can pursue Him all life long and still not fully know Him. 

Nevertheless, He guides us and teaches us along our life journey. We never fully arrive.

 Lessons Learned

Over time, I've learned that God not only loves humans, but He prunes them. He lets us make mistakes. He lets us go through difficulties. He is a Master Gardener ready to prune us so that we not only will be whom He wants us to be, but that in so doing, we will carry out the plans He has for us. 

Lately, God has been pruning me. I've had to interact with my daughter's friends (20-somethings) and it's been a world I've been out of touch with. When she entered university at 17, I learned my place quickly. I was to let her go and stay out of her shenanigans. So I've been out of touch with the thinking of her millennial generation. 

Now, suddenly, as she planned her wedding at age 25, I was thrown into the midst of that group of friends again. I had to bear the brunt of what I call "a bunch of nonsense", carousing, drinking, immaturity, and naive behaviour.  

Some millennial rationale doesn't seem to make sense. Some of their habits are unusual, maybe even nasty. My generation did things differently and it is often that sense of different that I've yet to come to terms with. 

In this learning curve, I've had to uncover what legalism is yet again. I've had to learn more about grace, forgiveness, acceptance, letting go, and trusting God. 

I've learned I get frustrated with only a small amount of control. I've learned how many expectations I have and how awful it feels to have them dashed. 

I've learned some of my insight isn't wanted by this generation. I've had to come to terms with my daughter saying no to my suggestions. I've had to swallow my distaste when I've seen her friends or herself do things differently than I would. 

It's been a journey. 

I've had to press into God. I've had to call on the support of prayer partners. I've had to let go and back off. I've had to mingle with a crowd I'm not used to. I've had to trust that my shaken world will re-form into what God wants it to be. 

Prov. 3:5&6
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

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