How Positive are You?

How positive are you?

I've thought I was a positive person. Though I'm a critical thinker who can usually see both sides to a situation, I like to be in the moment and a forward thinker. But recently, I've noticed my mindset can use some work.

I've often compared my mindset to that of my 90 yr old mother's. She was raised in the depression, and while that is no excuse for her choices, negativity still tends to dominate her words. She has chosen to live a simple, cloistered life because she is comfortable with what is familiar. She doesn't travel or seem to like new experiences or things done differently. Because of her way of living, she becomes negative when challenged with new ideas. 

But I've lived in various cities and in three Canadian provinces. I've been far more adventurous than some which has broadened my viewpoint. I pride myself on being more positive than my mom. 

What If Thinking 

I've recently read Mark Batterson's book If.  I'm not sure I get it all except to say he has prompted me to say: What if things do go well? What if I'm wrong? What if I really CAN trust God? What if God WILL answer my prayer? and that sort of thing. It's a good concept to adopt.

Yesterday, though, I found myself not being very positive. My daughter is planning her wedding and I keep looking for problems. I keep expecting one of her plans will fail. Why? Maybe because then my wisdom will be validated. 

She had asked her wedding party for a bachelorette getaway. I thought the idea was audacious. I couldn't believe a cabin could be rented for 2 nights for a mere $40 a person. I couldn't believe her friends would actually take time and make the effort to get away. I argued that it was overkill and too expensive. I was sure they'd be surprised by the final bill.

But when I asked her how it went she said it went great. (Not what I wanted to hear.) ALL the girls showed up. It really did only cost them $40 each plus money for food and gas. And that is when I checked myself. Why did I want to hear it went poorly? Why would I want it to fail? Why can I not let her be right? 

The same goes for other plans? I find myself predicting they won't work--even her marriage. I have expected it might fail. 

Challenged Thinking

I told my husband it takes effort for me to be positive-minded. Worrying is easier, but more painful. But isn't positive thinking more fun?

I'm going to have to admit I've been wrong on many levels about many things if I'm to be positive. I need God to root out the stronghold of disbelief. 

Lately, I've been praying for what one televangelist calls favour, and I've seen it. Many good things are happening. Things ARE working out. God is answering prayers. 

I've also been reading Joyce Meyer's Book Living a Life You Love. One section talks about feeling frustrated or having things not work out. She challenges readers to question whether they are really in line with God's plan or if they are trying to make things happen in their own strength? She calls it doing a work of the flesh. Her suggestion is that when you are frustrated, chances are you are working from your flesh.

That has gone through my mind often lately as I've made to-do lists and worked to accomplish many tasks. I can make my own plans which usually includes internet research and possibly driving from store to store in search of something, or I can commit it to God and simply follow his lead instead. 

When I see things worked out, I grow in confidence and being a more positive person becomes easier. I like that way of living. Maybe you can try it for yourself. 

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