Getting Over Anger of Midlife Challenges

In my last post, I talked about some anger buttons I'd had pressed. I gave myself 6 days to deal with it. That meant I was allowed to vent various issues to my husband for a period of six days and then I'd need to move on. 

Venting is often a go-to when we're angry, but too much venting or venting to the wrong person can be a problem. When we vent, we add fuel to the fire. It's easy to make mountains out of molehills. We are tempted to make drastic decisions and/or take drastic action when we are still angry. It's wise to let it settle down. 

Additionally, venting to the wrong person can result in them gossiping about it to others which is never a good thing. 

What do you do to handle anger? Do you resort to venting? Do you need to set some boundaries on your venting?

I put a photo of a lock above because that's sometimes how we feel when in a spirit of anger--locked up tight. I'd rather have freedom, peace and joy. 

I've gotten through my six days now and a woman in ministry sent an email that had much wisdom in it. I won't quote her directly but reword a personalized version here. I feel it speaks to this topic of anger:

The Lord says, (insert your name), I called you and chose you from a young age. It is I who trains your hands for war. It is I who makes you victorious over every violation against you.

When you are ambushed, stand steadfast in the armor I have provided for you. Encourage yourself in me. As you do, you will regain your spiritual momentum. 

Resist discouragement knowing you have been given the ability and authority to overcome every assault raised up against you.

Stand firm to your convictions. Stand on God's promises. Do not let the enemy intimidate you. Don't be moved by his ineffective strategies. 

Revive yourself. Take back your position as warrior. You can't have bitterness taking root or live in fear. What you see in the natural is not all there is. You are in a spiritual battle. So trust me. Let me lead you forward. 

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