A Unique Way to Live Each Day

Did you do the exercise on this page? Conceptualize yourself aboard God's cruise ship?

I've been doing it and it has changed my perspective just as I've needed! 


Often, we get used to 'wondering.' We wonder what to do, where to go, who to call, what new thing to get involved in...and wondering can be very unsettling. 

Wondering sometimes leaves us feeling empty or pushed to make plans of our own imagination. 

Instead of wondering, I'm simply being and doing. I'm working on what I know I have to do, getting to my appointments, and keeping commitments. I'm trusting I'm on God's LOVE BOAT. I'm following His lead. 


I was in a women's group where the topic arose: How do you develop confidence? I feel this exercise has helped my confidence soar. As I picture God as the captain, I have better trust. 

I listen for God's instructions and am confident I'm in His will when I've taken the time to ask. 

When nothing new is on the horizon, I write prayers, read, and work on my character. 


I commit my day to God and wherever I go in a day is my "Port of Call." It has included my exercise gym, my doctor's office, my mother-in-law's long term care facility, my pet store, the grocery store, and church (to name a few). I record these each evening in my cruise journal.

Even as I stepped off the curb heading to McDonalds for lunch with my husband after church, I began to sing the theme from The Love Boat. The port of call at that moment was McDonalds. 

At each port of call, I've been willing to do what I'm supposed to do there. 


My word for 2018 is WILLING. I want to be willing to step into new territory or to try new things. 

Not much new has been presented in big ways, but I'm being mindful of small challenges. For instance, in many of these situations, I've been amongst people that are new to me. I have been willing to converse with people. 

I urge you to try this exercise or one like it. Record your ports of call in your journal. Decorate the pages with stickers or colorful drawings. Have fun with it. Trust in God and do His will--that's what it's about. 

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