Packing Up Mother-in-Law with Faith

I write two blogs and invite you to read the other one too.  I just updated the other blog with some New Year's Resolution ideas. 

I haven't written lately here because I've been busy. This hasn't just been preparing for Christmas busy, life took a severe direction. Just before Christmas, we got the call of a bed offer in a long term home for my mother-in-law. She has had physical issues since May 2017 and the need for a move became more apparent as time progressed. We accepted the offer which meant moving her within five days.  

I'd read before about being caught between children leaving the nest and looking after aging parents. I guess that's where I am. 

Fortunately, there are facilities available that can look after aging parents better than we ever could do on our own. 


Since my mother-in-law had three sons, two of which live an hour and half away, my husband and I stepped up to organize this move. Daily, I went to her retirement home to sort through items deciding what to take and what to discard. 

I saw my organizational gifts spring into action. A few years ago I took courses for becoming a professional organizer. They have been helpful in many ways. My coaching gifts also sprung into action as I let her tell me stories about everything we picked up and prompted her to think about when or how she might use the item again.


When all was done, I was mentally and physically exhausted. New emotions arose. Fear being one. Fear of my own future. Life for seniors at 90 and upward can appear so bleak. 


But does it have to be bleak? My own mom stays joyful as much as possible. She's an inspiration. 

I'm choosing to believe that for Christ-followers, the end of life days can be different than it is for most. We can stay under God's soft encompassing wings. We can renew our mind with his Word. 

This exercise I was called into emphasized just how much we need to stay vigilant about renewing our mind and not letting circumstances get us down. Life balance is imperative to get through challenges God calls us to walk through. Faith makes a difference.


I realized some of my emotions beyond fear included grieving. As I packed her items, I realized an era of life as we'd known it had ended. 

I felt guilty throwing out her favourite items behind her back. The truth is, she is no longer who she used to be. Her body is shrinking and too large clothes are tripping hazards. The sorting had to be done.

I shared my feelings of guilt, grief, and even resentment of having to do this with Facebook friends. I had a cry and am now turning my head toward God for re-filling.  

Not all God calls us to do is easy or pleasant. But there is reward in being willing to venture into deep places he sends us.  

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