God will Prompt You to Develop Your Passions

My pet dog has been my best friend and personal prompter for the last 11 years. The other day, she insisted I take her for a walk. It was a cold crisp day, so I put on warm clothes. 

Once we got moving, the air temperature no longer mattered. I breathed in the fresh air and enjoyed being in the outdoors.It had been far too long between walks. 
The result was I felt refreshed and renewed, ready to get on to new tasks with more energy. 

While outside I remembered why it felt so great--because being in the outdoors is one of my top five essential passions

When I had worked through the tests that are listed in my eBook on the topic, I coupled enjoying the outdoors with gardening since I don't garden in the winter but still need to get outside. 

My personal top five passions at the time I wrote the book (and still now) are:

  • Creating beauty through art and decor
  • Writing                                                     
  • Exercising                                                
  • Gardening and enjoying the outdoors  
  • Taking care of my home and family      


A few days later, I pushed myself outdoors again to work on Christmas lighting. Again, I enjoyed the new burst of energy that resulted. My body just seems to crave that fresh air combined with activity.


The ebook talks about finding the passions that have been common themes throughout life. They are things you can't not have in your life to feel balanced. 

Your passion might be completely different from mine. Maybe you are energized by shopping in the core of a busy city. Maybe you love choosing fresh vegetables and cooking new dishes. Maybe you love the look and feel of fabric and have a need to quilt.  


Matthew 6:8b says, "...our Father knows what you need before you ask him." 

I believe the Father prompted my dog to annoy me enough to go outside because He knew I needed it.

Have you narrowed down your top five passions? You most likely have more passions than five. But you should find some more predominant than others.

Serving God and doing Bible study are givens, so when you make your list, choose passions outside of those. 

Feel free to share yours in the comments section. 

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