Christian Life Coaching for You?

When a friend reached out to me recently saying her life was falling apart, I knew what I wanted to do. Instantly, my life coaching heart kicked in.

I know she's in distress. I know she's in transition. I don't know the story yet. But she thought enough about me to reach out to me. And in that instance, my love for ministering to others and desire to life coach women was reignited.

We are a sophisticated society that sometimes I undervalue my skills. I undervalue what I have to offer. Yet I know I make good, well-though-out decisions. I know I have lived through a broad number of scenarios myself so I get it. I have rubbed shoulders with enough women to know we are not all the same, but we need others at just the right time.
So I want to be ready to minister to those who need it. I will charge most clients.

I know what I'm about to say seems like I'm undervaluing myself. No, it's about being affordable to those who need it most. I've rubbed shoulders with enough women who think $50 an hour is way over the top especially if they don't make that kind of money themselves. But a life coach splits her time up a lot and much is unpaid. Thus, the high fees.

Until December, my fee of $75 will be cut in half because I want to be affordable to those who need life coaching. Fifty percent of my time will be ministry-oriented. I won't get a tax credit for it though. My client will pay only $37.50 for a 55 minute life coaching session. I suggest a minimum of 3 sessions. It takes time to make sense of a journey.

See more details are here on my website.

Let me know if you want to investigate coaching. email me here.

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