Tidbits for Midlife Women who Feel Lost

If you're an "older" woman who has achieved several goals and are wondering how to live your last half of life, let me assure you some of your questions are common. 

It is daunting to wonder what's ahead. It's a horrible feeling to not be recognized as having value in the workplace as an older woman. It's frustrating to knock on a lot of doors and not have them open. 

If you feel a little displaced in midlife, let me assure you that you are not alone. It's an epidemic. If you are of the baby boomer era (born 1946 to 1965), we are many. We were brought up to believe anything is possible. We were brought up as liberated women. 

But now as we creep over 50 and onward to 60, we learn not anything is possible. We are expected to stand aside while our children's generation take on roles we might like. 

Rather than fret or fear, let me give you a tidbit of advice you may put into practice:

1. Your period of feeling lost will not necessarily be easily solved. Finding your way may be a long process. Are you willing to go through it with God?

2. God wants all of you. He will encourage you to trust He is in control. He will wait until you seek contentment over striving before showing you your next new thing. 

3. You are more important than anything you will do. You are more important than a job title. If you have no busy job to run to daily, consider yourself special. God has set you aside for other special work. You are given more time to pause, pray, and ponder than those who are busy at paid jobs. You are given time to meditate and listen to His voice. You are being prepared to be released for ministry. If you are willing.

4. Use this time to rest, restore, refresh, renew and reeducate yourself. Learn something new daily. Work on your health. Interact with new people online and in person. 

5. Stop looking too far ahead. Live in today. 

6. Read my book "What's Next in Midlife." It is designed to help you narrow down your top passions. When you do, work on them! See where God takes you with them.   

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