Live Your Small Stories within your Bigger Story

I've noticed many TV shows today have a story within the story. They show the family life of the characters from time to time. Or they have an underlying theme to add humor to an otherwise intense story line. 

I don't know if that's the best example, but I want to convey something similar about life and purpose and hearing from God. There are always stories within the bigger story. 

Many midlife women search for their next big thing. It's "Do I go back to school, get a job, or join the circus?" But life is truly lived in moments of small activity not in big projects. Let me explain.

Perhaps you've sat with your Bible and prayed for God to give you a revelation about what to do. If only, you think, he'd make the lightbulb go off and give you your big idea. But no email arrives, no phone rings and no big idea pops into your brain. Instead, you get up from your chair and paint some old boards to put in your garden.

Let me tell you my recent story. I participated in a prayer and fasting day with the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs. As I did the prayer journalling, I read various scriptures and prayed them. 

I eventually saw a number of scriptures from The Living Bible I was reading would be great for the garden signs I'd planned to make. Of course you can pray while working on something, so I got up during the prayer and fasting time, and got the old boards to prepare to make the signs I'd envisioned three years ago and now had the words for. The sign I created is pictured above. 

Later, I returned to the prayer process by referring to the handout. To my amazement, the topic started with the very verse from which I'd gained inspiration for my sign!!! I was blown away. I knew beyond a doubt it was a God whisper. 

Today, I stopped for more prayer journalling picking up a book I've been going through by Rick Warren. The section I read had that verse yet again! 

I could ask myself what's so great about this experience. I could feel guilty for seemingly wasting a day doing little more than praying and creating art. But I know that is what God wanted me to do that day. He inspires us with crazy little things like this and says, go at it. 

Now, I am also working on some new projects in the form of support groups or coached groups in the upcoming days which I picture as my bigger story. 

Do you have God-led small stories within your bigger story? 

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