Adrenal Fatigue?

Women are prone to a hidden burn-out called adrenal fatigue. When the adrenals are depleted, a number of other physical issues can crop up. Merely Google the topic and you'll see the list. 

For myself, evidence of adrenal fatigue was there as I suffered long periods of crashing fatigue. 

Then it was re-occurring Adrenalin rushes after a day of computer work followed by watching action-packed TV with my husband. A student doctor didn't quite hear me when I said I had a tight chest and feelings of an Adrenalin rush. He diagnosed me as having acid reflux and prescribed pills. Now I know I was having adrenal issues back then. 

More recently, the issue developed into panic attacks, and general anxiety disorder. On the surface, I looked calm and well. Underneath I was a mess for a time. Much of my stress was due to midlife transition where the empty nest was concerned. I was troubled by choices my university daughter was making. I was troubled that I still had to prompt my university age son about a few things that affected all of us. Though I would pray for my children and situations, sometimes even praying felt stressful. Ever heard of worry-praying? When God doesn't seem to be answering big prayers where our children are concerned, it can feel distressing. 

So while all appeared okay, I absorbed myself in writing late into the night and ended this fall with a bad case of ear ringing, headaches, tight muscles, and eventually, a general anxiety disorder. 

I'm looking after myself in hopes of restoring my adrenals. Learning how to re-frame problems helps as does letting go of situations others need to learn to manage themselves. Giving myself permission to relax and rest has also been needed. I've intentional stopped trying to stay on the run. I realize this is a time for me to be me again--not mom, not housekeeper, not household's time to redefine my role and worry less.

"3 John 1:2 ESV Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul."

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