Journey of Healing

It's the week before Christmas, and I'm in God's emergency room. I shouldn't even be typing because I'm trying to give my trapezium area (neck and shoulder areas) a break. 

Recently, I suffered a bad bout of tinnitus. I don't know the exact reason it came on because there are so many possible causes including muscles giving off noises (thus the trapezium rest), a possible bacterial infection after a cold, and so on. 

It was so bad on a couple of days recently that I found myself panicking and unable to sleep. No sleep makes me even more anxious so I was caught in a viscous cycle of uncertainty. I even had mental chaos and there was a definite spiritual attack going on. It was a hell I never want to revisit. 

I'd already had several people praying for me--my small group, my ladies group, my mom, my husband, and so on. I got enough rest Saturday night and told my husband I was trusting God for complete healing and that is why I wanted to go to church though I was still quite wobbly from the rough couple of nights. I told my husband on the way into church, "By the way, if they have oil anointing and prayer for healing, I'll be going up for it."

Turn Down the Sound, Please 

The service was loud--as happens to someone recently suffering an auditory nerve issue. I put Kleenex in my ears which is funny because I'd laughed when seeing another woman at church do that a few years ago. 

So there I was, trying to make it through all the nice music and the pastor's booming message, just so I could go for prayer. I even thought of walking out into the hallway to look for someone official-looking to pray so I could move on. 

The service ended, people left their pews and my husband said, "Okay, now's your chance."

Oil Anointing 

A lovely man named Paul was there facing the audience, ready to pray for whomever would come. I poured out my complaint to Paul, telling him about the hissing that was causing lack of sleep and distress. Paul was amazing! He told me how much God loved me and then he anointed my forehead with oil, touched my neck area, and began praying for my body to be healed. I also asked him to pray over a number of other things--the doubt my husband and I had been battling, the panic, the lack of peace, and so on. 

Crying there while Paul shared with me was a release that made it all worthwhile. I suddenly felt very connected to my church. I felt cared for.

The next day, I did a prayer exercise Paul suggested. I'd woken up with hissing and shook it off out on my front porch in the cool of the dark morning. When I went inside, the hissing stopped. I was so surprised and thankful. 

But after falling asleep again, I woke with hissing. All day I prayed against it, but it carried on. I spent the day watching every Christian show there was on TV. Then I went out to a social group and shopped after. The best way to deal with this issue is to ignore it. And that is what I tried to do. 

Later I saw the 100 Huntley Street show on. I decided to call their prayer lines for healing and so I could sleep. I officially have people in many places praying for me. 

7 Days?

Early in the process, as I researched the syndrome and looked into Biblical miracles, I noted how many times God asked individuals to do things 7 times--like Naaman dunking in the Jordan--or sometimes, the miracle happened on the 7th day. 

The last time I was healed of face pain after prayer and oil anointing, I was healed 7 days later. The pain had diminished bit-by-bit each day.  

So, today, I've passed the 3rd day (counting from 12:30 on Sunday), and realize the 7th day will be Christmas Day. Yesterday and today there has been minimal tinkling sounds and I have been able to sleep. 

There seems to be something in my left shoulder, neck and up my head I swear is connected. But I don't know what it could be, only God does. So I trust in his healing power to remove this thorn completely, in Jesus name. 

Today, again, I took it easy backing away from the computer instead watching Christian TV shows while creating Christmas decor. It's been a good day. Thank you Lord. 

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