A Few Empty Nest Tips for Christian Women

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I just responded to a comment on one of the Empty Nest Posts and I thought I would add some of my sentiments here:

Dealing with the Empty Nest 

Every woman's empty nest experience is different. We never really seem fully prepared for the myriad of emotions and thoughts that catch us off guard. 

That is why women like myself feel compelled to write on the topic. Because many women need support and the input of others to help them make sense of the phase. 

Chances are great, as you go through the empty nest, you will have up days and down days. If you have a trusted friend, husband, or life coach to share with, do so. It helps to get some of your feelings off your chest.  
Give yourself grace for wherever you find yourself. That means go easy on yourself. Yes, you will shed tears. That's how God built us to be able to handle grief so we can eventually move forward. Try to have an end time for your grieving--don't carry on for days if possible. Change your thoughts after an hour or so. Go for a walk--do something different.

Remember, it took time to build the life you have, so give yourself time to get used to the new place you find yourself. Give yourself time to rebuild.

In a Christian marriage, a husband should always be number one. Sometimes we lose sight of that. Rekindling a relationship with a spouse can be hard, but I challenge you to find things you have in common. Go into his world of interests and invite him into yours.

Just as your parents released you, you need to release your children. You will always be a mom, just in a different way. While at first you may feel you can't live without your role as you've known it, with time, you'll step into a new world of freedom and you'll appreciate it. You will celebrate all you've been through and give yourself that mom-graduation-certificate you deserve. 
Just because your children have left doesn't mean you will instantly feel the sense of freedom some talk about. It takes time to shift. Give yourself time. Give yourself rest if you need it too. 
Just because your kids have left, that doesn't mean you cut them off. They may not say so but their new stage is awkward to them too. They will miss you. So stay connected, but don't build your life around them. Take steps to build a new life with new connections.

There comes a time to revisit who you are, and as you do you will start to enjoy the new space of developing new interests. Finding your new thing isn't a race or a contest. Everyone's empty nest is different. We all process life differently. You can get there. To get there, I suggest my eBook listed on the side called "What's Next?..." It has several exercises designed to help you see your hidden passions. I hope it will help. When you narrow down your top five passions, develop them. Make working on them your job. That means take courses, put your passions into practice, learn online, join groups, experiment. Again, it's not a contest. See where God leads you with them.

Always call on God for hope and help. He really does want to lead you.


  1. I ran across your blog while searching for a name to call my new blog, which will hopefully help myself...and other women, find their way after children are grown. What a blessing to be reading yours now! Thank you!!! I am now more inspired to soak up your thoughts than I am on starting a blog! Which is good, since I am still unsure and processing...my new life. My kids still come and go somewhat, especially our daughter, who is home from college every weekend. I'm learning to not get used to anything! :D And your blog is helpful to me!

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I'm glad you find it helpful.