New Book Ready for Midlife Nest-Emptying Women

Well, the moment of truth has arrived.  My next eBook is online for purchase.

The audience for this book is midlife Christian women (say 40 to 60), but more important than age is stage of life. I use the words nest-emptying because, if you're like me, your nest isn't completely empty because your adult children come and go. Perhaps they are in college/university and come home some weekends and in the summer. Perhaps your adult child has his or her own housing and returns home for a change of scenery.

The point is, as our children make this transition into independence, we make our own transition. Some of us were full-time moms or at least women who made mothering our main focus no matter what we had on the side. Some have been let go from jobs, quit work, or are taking an early retirement. No matter the circumstance, one thing is common--we're all in a phase of life transition as our main parenting role has now come to an end.

I call it Rx for Midlife Nest-Emptying Women because the tips I provide are a form of prescription. The term wilting implies those moments when we feel overcome with disappointment, frustration, or grief especially after seeking God for new purpose and not finding easily it. Like a plant that needs nourishment to stay strong and vital, we need to guard ourselves too.

Won't you join me?

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