Making Decisions as a Midlife Christian Woman

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Joyce Meyers said last night on TV the Bible has all the answers to our questions. I've often wished it had more direct answers for midlife women and mothers. I suppose we have to be a sleuth to find what pertains to us.

So I decided I'd flip open a nearby Bible and pick a verse I've underlined to see how it might relate to us as midlife women.

Joshua 9 tells the story of when the kings of the surrounding area went on a mission to fight against Joshua and the Israelis.  The people of Gibeon decided to resort to trickery.  Their ambassadors dressed down in worn-out clothing and patched shoes as a disguise. They asked for a peace treaty with Joshua. Here's how Joshua handled it:

1. He listened to them.
2. He tested them with questions which they replied to with lies.
3. He looked at their outward evidence--appearance and the moldy bread they presented.
4. He believed them.
5. He signed the agreement.

A mere three days later the facts came out about who they really were.

In the midst of the fiasco, Verse 15 says,

"They did not bother to ask the Lord, but 
went ahead and signed a peace treaty" Josh. 9:15 (TLB).

Whammo, that gives me a bit of a caution related to how we're to live as midlife Christian women. Our question is, how many times do we handle situations in a similar manner?  We listen or hear about something, we ask a few questions, we might examine evidence. Then we go with our gut.

We are often just as guilty of not asking God about things in our life.

All we really need to do is pray under our breath:

God, give me wisdom for this situation. 
Help me see what I need to see 
and help me ask the right questions. 
I only want your answer.

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