Merry Christmas Sisterhood of Midlife Women

I'm stopping in to say Merry Christmas to the sisterhood of midlife Christian women. Imagine my surprise when after a morning of frivolity and an afternoon nap, to turn on my computer and find 35 visitors had stopped into this blog on Christmas day!

What does that tell me?  I can only assume, since none of the visitors left messages.  I will assume there are some women feeling a little unrest today--women searching for answers. That's how I felt several years ago when I had insomnia and turned to Google for answers to how I was feeling. That is when I decided I was having a midlife crisis. And, it was shortly after that I went on my own journey to find solutions to help me walk through my dark feelings.  

While I found a few websites of help, I found few that were authentic in discussing the issues of midlife crisis in midlife women from a Christian viewpoint. So I saw a need to write on the topic, and did so in my other blog before creating this blog specifically on the topic of challenges for midlife Christian women.  

This Season

Perhaps Christmas has triggered new emotions in today's visitors. Maybe this is a first Christmas for some without a loved one or without their grown children coming home and they are looking for hope.  And, maybe my visitors are simply those who've already found me and are popping into see what I have to say. 

Let me assure you, no matter your feeling, God knows. No matter your feeling, many women have felt just as you do.  No matter your feeling, if you walk through it with positive steps while hanging onto hope, you'll come through it. 

Midlife is often full of transition.  For most, while the externals change (children leaving home, job change, physical issues), it is the mindset that will make or break them. 

I've been trying to develop a sort of roadmap for women in my blog "Design Your MTR - Midlife Transition Roadmap."  I admit, the website building process is setting me back with its challenges, but feel free to check in there for more support.  

If you'd like to design your own roadmap for getting through midlife with a positive Christian-based mindset, consider this a fresh start. Start by acknowledging your feelings.  Feelings and emotions are not wrong.  They are part of how God's wired us.

If it helps, give your feelings a name or label. Are you feeling melancholic, lonely, doubtful, hurt...?  Is there a physical component you might describe as depressed?  I have found it helpful to identify feelings because then I'm not as overwhelmed.  I can tackle them one by one.  

Next, give your feelings to God. Ask him to step in and stop you from spiraling downward.  Ask him to show you what steps to take. 

At times, when I was in a phase of depression, I realized it was accompanied by pain.  I'd have a headache, and sometimes myalgia all through my upper body.  When our body is in pain, our brain "hurts."  Usually, mine was connected to hormones.  I know this because of the timing.  I finally figured out I should address the pain first.  For me it meant switching to extra strength Tylenol as my pain medication. I made a set of rules for dealing with such episodes.  Mostly, I gave my brain a rest. I quit overthinking, overpraying, and overexpecting. I layed low.  I sometimes found reading inspirational readings helpful. I sometimes asked others to pray for me. And this worked.     

Ask God for new faith and hope. And then watch what he does for you. 

I have to leave for Christmas dinner now, so will check in later. Until then hang on, sister!  You're loved. 


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