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I'm not sure why many searchers who've arrived at this blog added the term "Christian" to the words "midlife crisis" in the search bar.  Could it be because they wonder it's "unChristian" to have a midlife crisis?  Could it be because they want to know if they have permission as a Christian to feel the way they do? Is it because they expect a different set of solutions for Christians? 

Maybe it's because they know Christians handle struggles differently than most and that's the perspective they want.  I agree with that because several years ago when I began my midlife crisis, I found little written by or for Christians on the topic.  Who knew my blog post on the midlife crisis topic would gain so much popularity as it has even until today.


If you are a Christian woman who feels she's having a midlife crisis, then I will let you own it. What you are struggling with can be a real phenomenon, Christian or not. There can be issues going on within you that are more than just Satan bothering you.  There are issues that may need more than merely praying them away. You are not weak. You are not crazy. You are not perfect.  You are human.  You have all the frailties any other human has.

Jesus doesn't expect you to be perfect.  The Bible says it is God who will perfect that which concerns you (Psalm 138:8).


One sign of a midlife crisis is the world around you looks bleaker on more days than it looks hopeful and fun. 

Another symptom of a midlife crisis is a feeling that after having achieved many significant life goals you find it hard to find new direction. 

You may describe your feelings as "lost".  

You may have physical symptoms of fatigue, insomnia and moodiness.


A midlife crisis can take shape in so many different forms and with so many different triggers that it is difficult to lump everyone's experience into one. There is no one set route to a crisis.  No two people may feel the same or make the same choices.  The solutions may be different for each woman.

Usually a midlife woman's changing body chemistry plays a part in how she feels.  Menopause hits between 45 and 55 depending on the woman. A period of perimenopause is before menopause. The body begins to make hidden changes for many years.  The symptoms are mind fog, fatigue, moodiness, hot flashes, night sweats to name a few.  Many women experience bouts of depression like never before.  Unfortunately, because many women in midlife also face grief over their role of mom ending, chaos as their children make choices beyond their control, loss of job or inability to find a new one, stress mounts.

Do you relate to any of these points? 

Remember, God is still in control. Ask him what his plan is for you. Do some good Bible studies on your own or with a group. Take steps for your own personal self-care.  Share your concerns with trusted women or even a random Facebook group.  What I've discovered as I've journeyed through my own midlife crisis is that we don't easily solve it.  It is something that we need to walk through.

Walk Through Your Crisis

The book highlighted below and the new one in the side panel will guide you to walk through your journey.  Take positive steps, trust in the Lord, seek help through relationships, put striving down, seek contentment, and seek peace. Try not too keep looking into the past or too far into the future.  A step at a time while in communication with God is the best way to walk through your journey. 

If you'd like to make a comment or ask a question, do so in the "comment" section.  I reply to every comment!

Postscript:  If you want a package of helpful tools to help you walk this journey, you might want to purchase this eBook available in digital form.  Can be read on a Kindle or computer. 

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