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Please feel free to join my Self-Coaching Tools for Christian Women page on Facebook:

It's an easy way to have a discussion.

That leads me to answer what I use Facebook for.  As a midlife woman who works from a home office I find Facebook gives me connection with the outside world.  I have two accounts, one for relatives and close friends, another for business contacts, mentors, life coaches, church leaders, church associates, my mastermind group members, and so on. I am connected with people all over the world--most I will never meet in person.

I use Facebook for networking, setting up coffee or lunch dates, socializing, learning, encouraging and being encouraged, prayer requests, sharing photos, sharing my artwork, sharing my book releases, watching my church's videocasts, you name it.

Yes, it can be time consuming, so being wise is essential. As a midlife woman, I find it enhances my life. 

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