Are You a Christian Woman in a Midlife Crisis?

Are you a Christian woman who feels she’s having a midlife crisis?  Are you an empty-nest woman looking for your next challenge?  Are you wondering where to pour your time and energy in this midlife phase?  

I know to ask those questions because I've walked through them.  It was several years ago that I reached a low point.  Many nights, I either had insomnia, or I would awaken panic-stricken.  As I realized my best motherhood days were behind me, I got caught in a cycle of midlife grief that often hit at night or early morning.  I looked for solace and understanding though the Google search bar.  

I know that many others have looked for guidance that way too because since I began writing on midlife crisis in Christian women, I've had continual hits on my posts.  I've also been privileged to receive a number of private comments.  Even lately visitors come asking if it is possible for a Christian to have a midlife crisis. My answer is yes it is!

I decided I was in a midlife crisis when foreboding moods returned frequently. Perimenopausal symptoms were intermingled with life phase circumstances.  As I sought help for my challenges and walked through them, I continued to share as much as I could here.  Eventually, I saw a need to compact my learnings in an eBook where I could cover many issues at once.  

In the side bar you will see links to my three eBooks for Christian Women in Midlife Crisis.  Writing is my mainstay and is an arduous process, so I am not giving them away free.  By buying books, you support my work to continue ministering to other women.  I desire all women find support and direction even if it takes a small step at a time. 

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