Yes, I Had a Midlife Crisis and am a Christian Woman

Even I get uncomfortable telling people I've had a midlife crisis and that I've written about it.  The story is no longer here on my blog as I decided to tuck parts of it into the eBook I'm selling (as you see displayed on the sidebar).

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What occurred at that time was I had gotten my life coaching certification and was higher than a kite.  But when I was left on my own to build a practice and found it difficult to gain momentum, my kite came plummeting down into a crash landing.  I thought, if a life coaching practice wasn't going to give me the answer to how to spend my next phase of life, what would? I was again feeling lost.

Between those circumstances, increasing perimenopausal symptoms as well as an increased feeling of self-isolation, I had a midlife crisis.   At least, that was the diagnosis I gave it.

Now, you may think you'll read juicy details of flagrant affairs, bold purchases, and ski diving adventures, but actually, my life has been a lot less colorful.  My crisis was more emotional than action-oriented.

Google Helps

Like most of us I turned to Google search for help.  I described my feelings and hit enter.  I discovered a few articles on midlife crisis.  I had to wade through those written about male midlife crisis which seemed to be more common than those geared to females. I didn't find much written for the Christian woman specifically.

So I adopted what I could, worked with a counselor, and then I wrote about the topic in my blog.  Before I knew it, that particular post was getting more hits than any other blog post.

Back and Forth Through Midlife

I know many Christian women have fallen into what they feel is a midlife crisis. I know they are looking for people to be real and talk about what's going on. I talk about it because I know there are women who will be tempted to make radical changes.  I want them to pause and find support before they make wrong turns.

Unfortunately, the journey through midlife crisis feelings isn't always a quick one.  Not for you, nor for myself.  I've taken many steps back and forth.  I waffle often between finding answers and asking many more.  Still, I have new hope and direction  at last which is something I'm writing about in my next eBook.

I try to share here what I learn and I continue to partner with God to find the right steps to take.  I hope you will journey with me by reading some of the archived posts and entering into dialogue.

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