What is Your Hum? (Your Humanly Unique Makeup?)

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You can hear bees hum when they fly by.  When things in the kitchen are progressing well you might say, "Things are humming".    My idea of a woman's hum is that which resonates from her when she is in her "zone", doing what God created her to do.  It flows from who she is naturally.  

In this context I'll say your HUM is:  Your Humanly Unique Makeup.   


Narrowing down your hum can help you see yourself with new eyes.  It will help you hone your identity.  

To find your hum, list things you're naturally good at.  Think about what people count on you for, what you are complimented on, what others have said you're good at, and what you know you're good at or find easy to do.  

One person may find skiing easy, another finds writing easy, another is naturally good at empathy, one creates online tools simply, another is a natural with children.  

Where we fall into a trap that causes us to miss our HUM is assuming everyone else HUMS the same as we do.  It is often those things that come easy to us that we don't see as unique to us.

To find your HUM, dig deep.  Find the HUM that sets you apart.  

Narrow your list to a few good selections.

As an example, here is my HUM -- things I do easily or that I've been complimented on:

reading situations and offering clarity or counsel; writing; inexpensive decorating; organizing; creating works of art, gardening, appreciating the outdoors, pet care, easy conversation.


A HUM usually naturally releases itself.  A HUM looks for release. WHEN I RELEASE my HUM, my giftedness shows.  In the best situations, my HUM is affirmed by others.

Sometimes instead of chasing down opportunities to use your HUM, opportunities will chase you. They'll migrate to you.  You'll find yourself the one asked to do something that uses your HUM, or God will plunk you into the perfect situation to release your HUM.

Rather than go on, I'll stop here.  Why not spend some time considering what your HUM is (or what makes you hum).


  1. List 5 things you know you're passionate about.  They can be job related or personal.
  2. List skills you know you have that you use naturally.

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