Answering What's Next? in Midlife

Working Concept

The blog's been a little neglected, but that doesn't mean midlife Christian women aren't on my mind.  I continue to collect tidbits from women around me.  I continue to hear from God about new things to write on. I continue to encourage those that I interact with.

I've been spending my time on my next eBook.  The main title will be:

What's Next?

and it will have a sub-title.  

It is one of the next Self-Coaching Tools in my series.  

This eBook will help a woman dig in to figure out what's next that God wants her to focus on.  

The concept I present may not sound exciting to those who have been on a searching journey.  Like Elijah they may expect God to show up with a big earthquake-like revelation.  

The concept, though, is something closer to home.  It is a concept God has impressed on me and that I have put into action in my own life.  

The editing has been tedious and I really hope to have it uploaded on Amazon before April.  So hang on and look forward to it.

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