A Midlife Christian Woman's Moods

Many women think a lot.  We wonder.  We ponder.  We analyze.  We are sometimes proud of our wisdom, and sometimes annoyed at the over-analysis we do.  Our own thoughts bring us down many times.  We live in perception instead of getting the facts straight.  Sometimes, we project our feelings on unsuspecting people.
We might be peaceful and joyful one day, and down and low in confidence the next.  It's just so much to handle!

Sometimes thoughts are driven by overwhelm, tiredness, or physical pain. Getting rest will be helpful.

Sometimes thoughts are associated with a process of grieving. We grieve changes.  We grieve losses. Grieving is a normal part of letting go. Small spurts of grief are healthy. It's okay to feel pain.  .
Some feelings are driven by melancholy. This might include focusing on the good old days, the old friends, you years as a preschool child's mother. Sometimes a movie, music or possession triggers sad feelings. 

Feelings aren't bad.  They're part of the human condition.  But it's not good to get stuck in them. We all benefit from learning how to process our feelings.

Move On

Author Susan Miller says it's helpful to feel feelings and then move back into the present quickly.  She suggests a woman learn to cherish good times, but to be cautious of clinging to them.  A good way to move on is to train your brain to focus on new goals.  Another way to move on is to consider possibilities.  Thinking positive thoughts is always helpful.

When overcome by moods, it can be helpful to simply look at what is in front of you and tend to the associated tasks. 

If moodiness is sticking around, maybe it's time for a physical checkup, change of scenery, time to change something you're doing in your life.


Having times of peaceful Bible reading and prayer is key to managing moods.  Try reading through the Book of Psalms.  Sit in a relaxing pose and do deep breathing.   

Drink water.  Do things you enjoy.  Let your creativity out.  Try dancing, colouring, or taking fun photos.

Take Steps

What steps do you need to  take to process your moods?

Here are a few prompting questions:

  1. Do you have a journal to write your thoughts in?
  2. Does exercise as simple as going for a brisk walk help relieve them?
  3. Do you mind your nutrition to ensure you're eating brain-healthy food?
  4. Do you get regular physical checkups?
  5. Do you take brain and body-healthy supplements?
  6. Do you have someone to share your feelings with?
  7. Do you pray?
  8. Do you use positive self-talk?
  9. Do you take confidence in God's guidance?
  10. Do you go easy on yourself?

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