New eBook is Sputtering but on Its Way!

Woman with Fragmented Thoughts - by Rosalie Garde 2014

I declared earlier this year that I'd write up and publish an assessment I created.  It will be a tool to help you identify your top five essential passions.  It's in the works, but sputtering.  I'm trying to decide how much introductory information to include. Keep me in your prayers so I can write it clearly.

As I sought what God would have me focus on in my midlife phase, at first a million ideas crossed my mind.  For many women, once the children have grown and they know they can move in a new direction, it can become hard to identify a clear-cut direction.  As a result, thoughts are fragmented.  There are too many competing priorities.

I know many feel they can list their passions off without an assessment.  I could list off mine too.  But during the process of the assessment development, I realized taking the results seriously helped me have a breakthrough.

One complete, I decided only focus on my five top essential passions and eliminate all others, at least for a time.  I believe this exercise released me from constant striving and feeling I had to justify myself through income, position and title.

My belief is if a woman works through the assessment with God, he will give her new insight and freedom.  With her top five identified, she can focus on them and trust God to make them bear fruit.  She can also keep listening and watching as to how he will open new doors for her.

Some of us want to know if we should return to school.  School is a huge investment of time and energy.  My hope is once a woman does her assessment and begins to work on her top areas, it will become clear if she should take a course, join a group, take a job, and so on.

The concept is to start with how you're wired, and to bloom from there.  It can be a slow and tedious process.  As I've said before, we walk through midlife, we don't solve it.  Perhaps this assessment will be one more tool you use to find answers in your journey.

As I said, it's still in the works.  I need a little more clarity in it's presentation.  So bear with me.  


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