Causes of a Midlife Crisis and Moving Forward

Midlife crisis, midlife woes. Just what are we to do with them?

The blur of a midlife crisis.
So many women are searching for answers to their midlife woes.  Of course, each woman's issues vary.  But here are a few to consider:


Most women are planners. We want to know the long-term plan, but we have been poorly prepared to know what comes after midlife. That is one reason we may feel a sense of crisis.

Sometimes our feeling of crisis is more about wishing someone could just tell us what it is we should be or will be doing next

A woman might wonder what the one thing is that will bring her as much fulfillment as she had in her youthful days, or in her role as mother of children still at home. 

If you resonate with any of the above, you're not alone.  Rest assured, step by step you can begin to work through these issues.  Accepting them for what they are is a beginning. Resisting these truths won't help.  Own your feelings, and then be prepared to step out.

Rest assured, we are placed on this earth by God who made our plans before we were born, and he didn't say life ends at midlife.  

To allow your life to unfold step by step, look at how you're equipped. What things you do easily each day--perhaps so much so you don't think it's special?  It is often in those tasks we carry out easily that our strength lies.  

Even if we feel weak or unprepared, if God calls us to something, he will anoint us with the ability to see it through.  Look at your interests, but don't worry about your weaknesses associated with them.  Here's an example: 

God knew I loved gardening. Before my daughter was born, I signed up for a landscaping course.  As life with a new baby gets busy, I quickly learned I would have no time for the course and cancelled my subscription to it.  Nevertheless, my love for gardening remained, and I see caring for my garden as one of my "today" assignments.  

Four years ago God blessed me with the largest perennial garden imaginable.  Because my garden needs a lot of extra work this time of year, I pulled back on paid work so I could focus on the garden God has blessed me with. 
Two weeks into the work, I re-injured a knee.  Not only that, my muscles ache from head-to-toe.  I am very weak, and need to rest.  

It can be hard to rationalize why God would give me the garden (my passion) and give me the time to care for it, but then allow me to get so injured I could hardly tend it (weakness)!  Ten years ago is when I could have handled this type of work!

It's easy to slip into overwhelm, but as I've learned lately, all we need to do is a bit at a time.  If God calls us to something, he'll help us figure out how to do it.  

And so I rested for three days and today I was careful how I moved and pulled a few weeds until I could pull no more.  I will not be overwhelmed, I will merely do my best.   

I eagerly look forward to my daughter's boyfriend coming for a few weekends.  He apparently has promised to pitch in.  I hope it works out. 

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