Do You Know Your Top 5 Defining Passions?

In midlife, it can be helpful to narrow down your Top 5 Defining Passions.  These are five areas you feel you need included in your life that define who you are.  They are things you enjoy.  They use skills God's given you.  They are your gift to the world.  They are the things you know you need to pay attention to if you're to be fully you.

I'm currently working on a new eBook that addresses this topic.  In the upcoming eBook, I'll offer exercises that will help you narrow down your Top 5 Defining Passions.  

I've discovered in midlife, we can be pulled in a multitude of directions.  Other people give us ideas to pursue, we see what others are doing and wonder if we should do likewise.  We try things and realize they don't fit.

For most of us in midlife, we want some type of focus.  We want to define our identity and say, "This is who I am."  Finding your Top 5 Defining Passions will help you do that.  It will help you narrow your focus.  Yes, you may actually turn down a trip to Tuscany so you can save the money for what better defines you.  You may sit through your sister's travelogue without feeling the need to have one of your own.  You may sign up for a class or drop out of one that you know never fit.

Do you know your Top 5 Defining Passions?  If you'd like to explore this area more, stay tuned.

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