What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do - Midlife Christian Woman

We are made with a craving in our heart to find significance.  Most of us want the significant things we do to be fun.  By midlife, our lives are often crowded with responsibilities.  We pay our bills and work to raise the money to pay them with. We care for our home--trying to make it into a dream home that fits our midlife life.

Because of all that goes on, we might take time out to dream or fantasize about a different life.  We may easily come up with lists of things we'd like to do or pursue.  In one sitting, you may come up with 10 courses of study, 5 places to visit, 3 projects to work on, 2 people to develop relationships with, and so on.

If your life is like mine, though, it's easier to think about doing than it is to fit all the interests in.  We can't possibly be in all the places we'd like to be at once.  So it becomes hard to satisfy our midlife cravings.  To feel satisfied, we need not only the dream, but to see progress on it.  We need to see our dream unfolding.

So we need to put feet on our dreams.  In order to do that, we're going to need to become focused.  We're going to need to make a decision about what to spend our time on.

We can do that by narrowing down the top five passions in our life in the present.  They may not include the passions we had at 30, they may not be the passions we'll focus on two years from now either.  But when we don't know what to do, we need to figure out just what to do by looking into how God wired us.

In my book,

16 Essential Steps to Help You Walk Through Your Midlife Crisis: A Self-Coaching Tool for Midlife Christian Women,

I talk about finally narrowing down my top 5 passions for my current era of life.  I developed an assessment tool that got me there.  I'm currently writing it up to put in a new eBook.  

My top 5 passions have given me a concise list of areas I feel God wants me to develop.  They are interesting to me, and I've been given some measure of skill working in these areas.  When I don't know what to do, instead of veering off into something new, I stop myself and look again at my list.  I look at which of the 5 needs attention, and I pray for God to help me work on them.

Do you know your top 5 passions?  

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